Cut down on costs: As business trips are essentially meetings abroad, why not cut out all the travel and time spent travelling by holding a meeting in your own office using a lag free HD video conferencing system such as AVer's award-winning EVC Series. Video conferencing not only helps cut down on obvious travel expenses but also other ‘undetectable’ costs such as, administration and a wide range of opportunity costs.

Time is money: The quicker you achieve those goals in meetings, the quicker you can start pursuing other goals and targets, quickly expanding your business potential. Allow video conferencing to play an important part in your business today and improve your company's competitiveness by resolving urgent problems without delay.

Efficient communication: Communication isn't just speaking. So much meaning and attitude is lost by not being able to see the person you are communicating with effectively. Video conferencing improves communication efficiency by effectively establishing face-to-face communication through high resolution video quality, sensitive audio detection, and real-time video and audio delivery, helping to build up trust and reduce confusion during those important meetings.

Gather talented staff anywhere, anytime: Some people in your company are indispensable, but unfortunately can't be everywhere at once. Video conferencing allows multi-point meetings across different time zones and international boundaries providing companies with an inexpensive, easy and convenient way to talk face-to-face frequently with branch office staff or people back at the main office.

Do your part to protect the environment: Video conferencing is a green business solution. Now more than ever, it is so important to help offset your carbon footprint and do your part to help make the world a greener place. You can think of your video conference system, not only in terms of short term advantages, but also long term advantages in what you can do for the environment. A simple change can make a great difference in the fight to slow global warming and help preserve our planet.

Video conferencing for SMBs

In the video conferencing market there are a range of solutions on offer including telepresence systems, room based systems, desktop video conferencing sets, software solutions, PC-based systems and web- conferencing services. SMB's who try and communicate using desktop or software based systems often find the quality lacking and the experience in general frustrating. What AVer can offer is affordable lag- free video conferencing, support for up to 10 end-points and a choice of cameras that are specifically designed to meet SMB's video conferencing needs. Below is an overview of the different solutions available and why room based systems will 90% of the time be the best solution for SMBs needs.

telepresence system is a video conferencing system that is integrated into a conference room. It requires a dedicated conference room that has been specially built or modified for that particular room often costing tens of thousands of dollars. It is so costly that generally only top executives of large corporations can afford to have one installed.

desktop video conferencing system is a video conferencing system primarily for personal use as its voice detection range and field of view are relatively small. As SMBs will generally require several participants per end-point, a desktop video conferencing system does not fulfil the purposes of most SMBs.

software solution includes on-demand software and service-based web conferencing services, allowing users to call a meeting fairly simply via their computers. However, it is only really suitable for personal use and if employed by most SMBs won't give a professional feel.

room-based video conferencing system is a video conferencing system that is composed of a main unit (codec), a PTZ camera, and one or two microphones, such as AVer's EVC Series. A room-based video conferencing system is most suitable for group-to-group meetings due to its wide-angle PTZ camera and its sensitive microphone(s) that can detect and differentiate between multiple sounds/voices. Below is an overview of how room based solutions can really benefit SMBs.

Perfect for any conference room
Room based video conferencing systems are designed for room-to-room meetings, making users feel like their communications are actually taking place in the same room. In order to work in most small to medium-sized conference rooms, room-based video conferencing systems are equipped with sensitive microphones that allow users to speak naturally and with wide-angle PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras such as those included in AVer's EVC Series that can cover every angle of the conference room. The superior audio and video quality of room-based systems gives users a comfortable video conferencing experience that feels just like being in a normal meeting.

Quick, easy, hassle-free
Once you finish installing a room based video conferencing system, holding a long-distance meeting becomes as easy as making a phone call. The user-friendly design of the room-based system helps you concentrate fully on your meeting and not get sidetracked trying to make your video conferencing software do what you want it to do. Additionally, since room-based systems make it easier and quicker to hold meetings, SMBs tend to use them more frequently, which increases communication and strengthens relationships.

See everything clearly with HD output resolution
In a situation where you want to conduct a group-to-group meeting, you need high output resolution to see everyone in the conference room clearly. Room based video conferencing systems can support up to full HD1080p output resolution, allowing you to see everyone's expression in unbelievable clarity.

Smoother video delivery
Room based video conferencing systems, unlike personal or software based, deliver video at a frame rate of at least 30 frames per second, which is more than the required amount for lag free streaming. Therefore, meetings conducted via room-based video conferencing systems such as AVer's EVC Series provide users with smoother video and a more comfortable meeting experience.